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Frequently Asked Questions

What are Sunday school timings?Gopal Kidz Sunday school detailed schedule :

11:00AM - 11:30AM : Language classes (Optional)
11:30AM - 12:00PM : Module 1
12:00PM - 12:30PM : Module 2
12:30PM - 01:00PM : Module 3
01:00PM -1:30PM: Arathi
01:30PM - 2:00PM: Free Lunch Feast

What is the Sunday school curriculum?As part of Sunday school we cover various modules, please refer
for details
Do you operate year long? Ongoing? will the syllabus be different?Yes! Our Sunday school program is an ongoing program. We cover the syllabus in
units of "4-month terms". Example: If a kid starts at
3 years then he will have not have any repetitive curriculum till
15 years.
When is the next term starting? [Term start and end dates]Our term dates are below:
Term1: Mid January to Mid May
Term 2: Mid May to Mid September
Term 3: Mid September to Mid Jan
**Mid: Mid usually be 2nd or 3rd Sunday of the month
Sunday school holiday calendar?We have very few holidays in a year especially when our big festivals
fall on Sundays or Mondays. In order to prep (hold) for the festivals,
we give holidays. The holidays will be communicated well in
advance to the parents through email/Whatsapp.
Can I join the middle of the term? Will my kids be able to catch up?Yes! you can join middle of the term and kids will be able to
catch up as we do a lot of revision classes
Who is eligible for discount coupons for sunday school registrations?Sunday School discount coupons are meant for "Krishna Balarama
Mandir Donors" with some criteria. When the criteria is met all the
donors will be sent a coupon code by which you can avail
15% discount
Do the kids perform what they learnt?Yes! We do have performances by kids twice in a term.
1. Midterm performances (2 months after the term starts)
2. End of the term performances (4 months which is the end )
Do you hold any exams on what the kids learntWe do hold exams at the end of the term for the Vedic Heritage
curriculum. All the parents who enrolled their kids in that term
will be sent model question paper for the term. We also have a
theme based project at the end of the each term
Is attendance mandatoty?Attendance is not mandatory but we highly recommend the
 continuity of kids for the term for teachers to plan for performances
During the summer holidays, we may visit india? Any special summer discount available?Yes! As a lot of parents visit india, we do have a 50% discount during
Sunday school summer term (Mid May to Mid September) in the
the form of a coupon for kids who will be missing more than 6 weeks
of sunday school. We will provide the coupon code based on
parents request
Can we enroll only in language classes without regular sunday school?No. Currently, we DO NOT offer only language classes enrollment
due to logistics issues. Language classes are available on an optional basis
to only those who participate in our regular Sunday school
What language classes do you offer?

We offer optional language classes for kids enrolled in Sunday school. The language classes are subject to the availability of teachers. Please call us to know the languages that are offered for the current term.

Whats the sunday school fee?Sunday school fee per term is $120 ( for 4 months) with exception of 75$ for 12 to 14 years
Whats the fee for language classes?We offer optional language classes for kids enrolled in our Sunday School with a minimum price of $25 per term (4 months).
Whats the age limit for sunday school?Atleast 3 years for sunday school
Whats the age limit for language classes?
We recommend kids atleast 5 years or more for language
Do you hold parent teacher meetings?Yes we plan to hold parent teacher meeting once in a term
Can we get some counselling for children?Yes we can provide counselling for children on a request basis
Do you offer any certificates for sunday school?Yes we do give certificates to all the kids at the end of each term
How do I register in the the Sunday school?You can register for our sunday school online here. We take
only online registrations at this moment. If you are facing any
 issues with online registration, then please
email gopalkidz@ihf-usa.org
Do you have any trial classes to try?Yes! We do offer 2 trial classes for all age groups
Do you have classes for kids for 16 years or older?Yes! we do have youth classes for 16 years or older as part
 of our Youth classes program. For more details
please email info@kbmandir.org 
 Can parents accompany children for classes? We normally do not encourage parents to be present in the class
 but for Damodara class(3 yrs - 6 Yrs) we are ok to allow parents to
accompany the kids till the kids feel comfortable in the classes.