the Higher Taste

Welcome to The Higher Taste, Bay Area's first sattvic lunch and catering services. At The Higher Taste, we believe in food as a philosophy and  vegetarianism as a way of life. The Higher Taste combines the wisdom of  the Vedas, with the flair of modern day cooking to create signature  sattvic meals - pure, wholesome meals prepared without the use of  ingredients such as garlic, onion, eggs, caffeine and never over-spiced. The Bhagavad-gita defines sattvic foods as being juicy, wholesome and  pleasing to the heart, thereby providing subtle nourishment for positive vitality. Every dish cooked in our kitchen is first offered to Lord  Krishna and thus in effect, what you consume at the Higher Taste is  prasadam. We hope that this pure food will inspire you to see that for  health, taste, and spiritual advancement, there is no better way of  eating than to eat vegetarian food offered to Lord Krishna. Ita's not  only easy, it's absolutely enjoyable. And once you experience the  satisfaction of eating food prepared with the consciousness of pleasing  Lord Krishna you will know what we mean when we say you have acquired a  Higher Taste. Located here in Krishna Balarama Mandir, The Higher Taste  offers visitors a menu which is nothing short of divine. A perfect end  to a visit to the temple.