Who We Are

India Heritage Foundation has its roots in India. We have formed this organization with the aim of serving the mission of our most beloved Spiritual Master - His Divine Grace A.C Bhakti Vedanta Swami Srila Prabhupada who is a well known vedic scholar in modern era and also to promote the sublime original Indian heritage in various parts of the world.

India Heritage Foundation in India has undertaken beautiful and humongous projects for promoting the Indian culture and impressing the population of the world with the remarkable treasure of vedic knowledge of India. We will present, preserve and promote the cultural heritage of India as described in the ancient Indian classics, to the contemporary society, in an interesting and captivating presentation.

We want to provide a room for all men/women to enrich their life spiritually and also impress upon the younger generation the glorious pastimes of our vedic heroes like Krishna, Rama and Hanuman. We want to introduce the great characters of our Indian epics and instill in the minds of our children the deep values they represent. To achieve this, we plan on opening temples, youth mentoring centers, children development centers, animation theme parks, 3D animation movies show casing Indian heritage, values etc.