Surgery for Goshala's first Calf - Gopal

Post date: Feb 08, 2019 4:46:54 AM

Hare Krishna,

Our beloved calf Gopal while playing with Nandi met with a terrible accident on Monday, February 2nd evening at our Sri Krishna Balaram's Hasati Goshala. Unfortunately Gopal's back leg came out completely from its socket and tore all the ligaments. Our veterinary Doctor has done the diagnosis and Gopal has been taken to UC Davis, which is the premier veterinary hospital for California. Gopal is scheduled to undergo a critical surgery on Friday, Feb 8th at 11AM. After the surgery Gopal has to be in observation for 3-5 weeks. It is very important for Gopal to go through this surgery and it costs $8600. Please donate to help support Gopal to go through the surgery and recover back to his normal health soon. Please also keep Gopal in your prayers for his quick recovery. Thank you! We have setup a fundraiser for this. To make a donation, please click below: