Vaikuntha Ekadasi Celebrations on Saturday, Jan 11 2014 - Schedule and Seva opportunities!

Post date: Jan 07, 2014 2:36:56 AM

Join us in celebrating the auspicious occasion of Vaikuntha Ekadasi.

Special: As a special offering to the Lord, we are doing a 'Laksharchana seva' - congregational chanting of 100,000 holy names of the Lord. We are looking for a lot of enthusiastic devotees who can be part of this seva. This just requires you to dedicate some time in chanting the mantras. If you would like to participate in this 'Laksharchana seva', please enroll online here: Laksha Archana Seva Enrollment

Vaikuntha Ekadasi schedule:

Seva sponsorship opportunities:

    • Mukhya Yajamana Seva - $2501 (Main sponsor for the whole event!)

    • Vaikuntha Dwara Seva - $1008 (Sponsor Vaikuntha Dwara sthapana)

    • Vastra Abharana Seva - $501 (Sponsor the Deity dress and jewelry on this day)

    • Vaishnava Bhojana Seva - $251 (Sponsoring prasadam for all devotee visitors on this day)

    • Govinda Jhulan Seva - $151 (Sponsoring the evening jhulan seva for Gopal Govinda)

    • Visesha Pushpa Alankara Seva - $108 (Sponsor the flowers used for decoration of the Lord)

    • Laddu Naivedya Seva - $51 (Offer a delicious laddu to the Lord and take it home!)

    • Pushpanjali Seva - $21 (Sponsor flowers for Laksharchana seva)

*All seva kartas starting from Laddu Naivedya Seva and up will get to take a special laddu offered to the Lord on this auspicious day!

Note: Limited sponsorships available for Laddu Naivedya Seva.

Sponsor for any of the sevas online: