Gita Jayanthi - Dec 12th

Post date: Nov 09, 2013 2:5:36 AM

Gita Jayanthi is on December 12th. We will be doing mass distribution of Bhagavad Gitas. Devotees can sponsor cases of Bhagavad Gitas for $200. Each case contains 20 Bhagavad Gitas. One can also sponsor 1/2 box for $100.

It is said in the Sastras:

gita-dana prabhavena, sapta-kalpa-mitah samah

visnu-lokam avapyante, visnuna saha modate

"The potency of presenting the Gita as a gift is such that the soul, having achieved a place in the planet of Lord Visnu , then associates with that Supreme Lord Visnu in divine ecstasy."

We request everyone to come forward and take advantage of this auspicious time by sponsoring and/or distributing Bhagavad Gitas.

Gita Jayanti celebration schedule on Sunday, 15th Dec 2013 :

9:15 am : Gita parayana (recitation) starts

11:15 am : Completion of Gita parayana (all 18 chapters)

11:15 am - 11:45 am : Opportunity for kids and visitors to chant their favorite verses from Gita

11:45 am : Discourse

12:30 pm : Mantra meditation

12:45 pm : Gita dana sponsorship seva

12:55 pm : Arati, followed by lunch prasadam feast