Update on March 31, 2015

Post date: Mar 31, 2015 7:45:31 PM

  • Completed grading works at the site. The amendment application which was prepared with extensive discussions with our consultants has been submitted.

  • Our architects have almost finalized the plan for first building to be constructed.

  • We have appointed specialist consultants for the project and are working with them to finalize the design.

  • We have added another 3000 SFT of space for vegetable gardening. This area is fenced up and irrigated with timer driven sprinklers and soakers. A portion of the vegetable garden is seeded with Methi and another with Coriander. We have also planted seeds for watermelon, cucumber, cantaloupe and squash. Additional seeding is done with tomatoes, brinjal, chillies, okra, beans, etc. We have procured seeds for a variety of trees including fruit trees and fast growing Paulownia Tomentosa. The plan is to get them started for later re-planting at their permanent locations.

  • Now we have our own bounce houses, which we can setup for any events of the temple. In the past, we have been renting these.