Helper services

Interested in just being helper** (no lead responsibilities):

Prasadam cooking help: Want to help on weekdays; Saturday noon time; Saturday evening time; Sunday noon time; Sunday evening time; Festival time

Deity garlands making help: Can come for making Deity garlands on Saturday noon/Saturday afternoon

Making Ghee wicks for temple arati ceremonies: Need to prepare around 150-200 ghee wicks every week. This can be delivered any day of the week

Assistant pujari help: Services include making arati plates ready before aratis, making prasadam plates ready for offering, washing them after arati and offering prasadam etc.

Preaching help: Includes participating in distributing Srila Prabhupada’s books door-to-door on weekends, helping in arranging programs like Art of Self Discovery, helping in setting up Sunday program, helping in home programs in congregation homes

Samskara services help: Includes helping setting up homa, helping carrying yajna paraphernalia to congregation homes during programs, help in shopping things required for yajna etc

Cleaning services help: Includes temple hall cleaning, dining hall cleaning, kitchen cleaning, office rooms cleaning etc

Sunday school help: Help will be required during Sunday school run time, or setup before the start of Sunday school, taking attendance etc

Grocery shopping help: Help will be required either to get the groceries by shopping, or co-ordinating with the shop owner to deliver groceries etc

Facility maintenance help: Help fixing things which go wrong in the facility, like replacing bulbs, fans; Washing blankets in office rooms etc

** A helper is strongly recommended to chant at least 108 times the hare Krishna maha mantra before they start the seva at the temple. (If you had already chanted 108 times previously on that day, you don’t necessarily need to chant again before doing the service).