Lead Services

Interested in being leader* or assistant-leader*:

Cleaning lead: (activities include kitchen cleaning leader, temple rooms cleaning leader, temple hall cleaning leader, dining hall cleaning leader, Altar cleaning leader, Prabhupada altar cleaning leader, back storage cleaning leader, Sunday programs or festivals cleaning overall leader)

Donor management assistant lead: (activities include buying attractive gifts, packing gift bags, packing small prasadam packs, getting prasadam made, getting customized prasadam packs made, sending thank you letters to donors on regular basis by preparing letters and packing/shipping them etc)

Media services lead: (activities include video shooting and making short films, Photography coverage and uploads to facebook or webpage, Recording lectures given by devotees and uploading processed ones in youtube, replicating CDs for distribution and selling etc)

Book distribution infrastructure lead: (arrange packing books, accounting books, depositing laxmi collected, arranging books in book bags to be given to distributors, going door-to-door for book distribution, planning for book distribution event etc)

Harinama sankirtana infrastructure lead: (help in bringing musical instruments and other equipment to the specified location, making and bringing prasadam to the location, help in setup of book table during sankirtana etc)

Marketing assistant lead: (help in marketing temple festivals or events in various forums like corporate email aliases, grocery stores, apartment bulletin boards, facebook, radio, silicon ville, magazines, website etc on a consistent basis)

Grocery shopping assistant lead: (collecting various groceries required for temple for that week, communicate with grocery store over phone/email, co-ordinating the groceries delivery time etc)

Sunday school infrastructure lead: (service includes arranging Sunday school rooms before classes, arranging taking attendance, arrange in communicating periodic emails to parents about upcoming events and attendance, communicate fee reminders, marketing about Sunday school to outsiders, printing curriculum books etc)

Kids events assistant lead: (services include organizing kids competitions, marketing the events in various forums like facebook, internet, emails etc, take care of various logistics during event day)

Gift shop assistant lead: (services include making sure some one is available at gift shop during weekends and festivals, tracking inventory and identifying new things to be ordered, arranging to make varieties of picture frames for selling as well as donor gifts, keeping gift shop neat and tidy etc)

Temple contacts management lead: (services include regularly updating temple visitor contact information in the database software)

Facilities maintenance assistant lead: (services include fixing things like bulbs, tube lights, broken A/C etc)

Govinda kataksha program lead: (services include going to congregation homes with a few devotees and reciting powerful prayers for the well being of the congregation family. Requires traditional clothing to be worn).

Inventory lead: (services include maintaining inventory of things at temple - like plates, napkins, bowls, wash liquid etc etc)

* A leader or assistant leader is required to take a vow to chant at least 108 times the hare Krishna maha mantra every day. Only by chanting and prayer do we get required strength to perform divine seva for Their Lordships Sri Krishna Balaram.