Sunday School

Gopal Kidz Sunday School Term starts from 17th January 2021. Registrations NOW OPEN!

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Some of the activities that form part of the Gopal Kidz Sunday School curriculum are:

    • Yoga: Surya Namaskaras, other asanas

    • Rich Indian culture: Festivals, Devatas, Holy places, Cow worship, Vaisnava devotees, Holy rivers etc

    • Character Building: Self-control, Humility, tolerance, non-violence, anger and emotions management, simplicity, positive thinking, etc

    • Vedic Heritage: Slokas from Bhagavad Gita and Srimad Bhagavatam, Stories and personalities from Puranas and other Vedic scriptures

    • Vedic Chanting: Slokas/prayers/songs based on Vedas and scriptures.

    • Vedic Drama: Skits based on Ramayana, Mahabharata, Dasa Avatara etc.

    • Indian Languages: Hindi, Telugu, Tamil

Currently, Sunday School offers classes for the following age groups:

    1. Damodara Class for 3 to 6 years - click here for detailed curriculum

    2. Madhava Class for 6 to 9 years - click here for detailed curriculum

    3. Govinda Class for 9 to 12 years - click here for detailed curriculum

    4. Gopinath Class for 12 to 15 years - click here for detailed curriculum

(From 16 to 20 years, we have another youth class on Sundays. Please contact for details on these youth classes).

Have more questions? Refer to these FAQs

As a parent if you ever had the following questions or concerns, then our Gopal Kidz Sunday School is for you and your child.

  • How do I protect my child from bad influences?

  • How can I help my child appreciate the rich Indian culture?

  • In this country, how can I teach the importance of God, religion etc to my child?

  • Is there a way to imbibe Indian moral and cultural values to my child?

  • Can my child spend a few hours every week with kids of similar values and interests?

  • Can I build a cultural support system for my child in this country?

  • How can I protect my child from the seemingly scary middle-school and high-school influences in this country?

  • I want my child to be responsible and not take advantage of ‘free culture’. Is there a place where my child can learn basic value system to fall back on in difficult times?

Gopal Kidz Sunday School is more than just another curriculum. It is a framework for navigating through a child’s values and experiences throughout their life. This encompasses various skill sets. These skills sets provide a strong anchor to a child’s core values and lead them through a trajectory of social competence, confidence, and success.

Sunday School Classes

Since the inception in 2011, Gopal Kidz Sunday School at Sri Krishna Balaram Mandir has helped hundreds of children to inculcate rich Indian culture, spiritual values, moral principles, heritage, arts, languages etc. At Gopal Kidz Sunday School, we teach children these fundamental values and nurture them into well-rounded, emotionally and spiritually intelligent individuals.